What is Risk Score?

What is Risk Score?

Zoey's Risk Score enables a high-level review of the risk inherent in key clauses in a contract, based on the terms you select.

Use Risk Score to negotiate better contracts for yourself by toggling between the options to determine how they impact the Score.

The Risk Score is intended as a guide to reduce ambiguity and help you to enter a contract with eyes wide open.

You are the boss and you know your business, and with Zoey’s Risk Score feature you can assess contracts faster and more assuredly.



Not all risks are equal. With Zoey’s expert risk calculator, you can decide how much risk to take on depending on the transaction, industry, and size of your deal. Zoey is there to give you a heads up without the anxiety and big legal fees.


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    • How do I check my contract's risk score?

      It’s okay to take risks. But not with your contracts. The Zoey Z Score will help you sign your contracts with confidence! Click Z Score Legal Risk under the Analyze tab Click Start Enter your contract terms and see your Z score automatically update!
    • How does Zoey calculate the risk?

      Zoey’s proprietary risk calculating algorithm is based on legal precedence, attorney recommendations and current contracting trends. It is not legal advice, but a risk report for you to understand each term and its impact on you and the other party. ...
    • Why should I subscribe to Zoey?

      Perks of being a paid subscriber More storage, more free eSignatures, and our proprietary risk calculator! Exclusive benefits Dynamic KPIs about your contracts