Zoey Vault for Contract Storage

How do I use Vault?

Hey, filing cabinet! It was fun while it lasted. Think of the Vault like the filing cabinet you used to use. This is where your contracts are stored. Unlike a traditional filing cabinet, contracts in Zoey are searchable and sortable! So you can quickly find the contract you need! 

  • Click the Filter button to organize your contracts and find the contract you need quickly! 

  • Click the folder you would like to view and you will see your contract details. 
  • Click the document symbol within your contract to view your contract history. With the click of a button you will see all contract versions and contract documents. 




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    • Can I use my own contract template?

      Yes, you can use your own contract template with Zoey! Then save your template to use again. Click Templates Click Your Templates. Here you will see any templates you previously upload or you can upload a new template!
    • Do I need an account to use Zoey?

      Yes, you do need an account to use Zoey. Starting an account with Zoey is free! Trust us, you won't regret it.  Having an account with Zoey will ensure the security of your documents. Plus give you free eSignature envelopes, the power to create, ...
    • How do I log into Zoey?

       To log into your Zoey account click this link Zoey Log In   Click “Log In Click your preferred login method, don't forget you can use Google or Facebook to log in. Enter your password, and click Log In! Now you're ready to show your contracts who’s ...
    • What is Risk Score?

      Zoey's Risk Score enables a high-level review of the risk inherent in key clauses in a contract, based on the terms you select. Use Risk Score to negotiate better contracts for yourself by toggling between the options to determine how they impact the ...