How do I log into Zoey?

 To log into your Zoey account click this link Zoey Log In  

Click “Log In

Click your preferred login method, don't forget you can use Google or Facebook to log in. Enter your password, and click Log In! Now you're ready to show your contracts who’s boss.
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    • How Do I Create My Zoey Account?

      Setting up an account with Zoey is quick and easy!  Click Sign Up, enter your information, don't forget to indicate if you are a woman owned business, and click Sign Up. Zoey will send you an email to verify your identity. When you click "verify ...
    • Facebook or Google Log In

      If you're trying to login to Zoey and your email can't be found you may have used Facebook or Google when creating your account. Try logging in with Facebook or Google and if you are still unable to access your account please submit a ticket and let ...
    • Are Zoey templates free?

      Yes, all Zoey templates are free!
    • How does Zoey calculate the risk?

      Zoey’s proprietary risk calculating algorithm is based on legal precedence, attorney recommendations and current contracting trends. It is not legal advice, but a risk report for you to understand each term and its impact on you and the other party. ...
    • Do I need an account to use Zoey?

      Yes, you do need an account to use Zoey. Starting an account with Zoey is free! Trust us, you won't regret it.  Having an account with Zoey will ensure the security of your documents. Plus give you free eSignature envelopes, the power to create, ...